tomorrow web

As an operational venture company, we support and build internet and technology companies of tomorrow.

A new generation of seed funding has begun. We provide operational and financial support to founders to build a solid foundation for a sustainable business.

This new approach of Startup Funding sees the founders and the customer in the center and ensures healthy growth.

How we invest ⭢

Digital Affin

Type: Content Plattform 

Start: 2017


Type: Digital Agentur

Start: 2018


Type: Vermittlungsplattform

Start: 2020

mockup messe

Type: Virtuelle Messe

Start: 2020


Type: SaaS

Start: 2021

Your idea

Type: ? 

Start: ?

We are always looking for new colleagues, pitchdecks and clients for our startups. Take a look around and get in touch with us.

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