How we build startups

Money alone does not make a startup successful. Our seed funding approach is sustainable and solid.



A mere idea is always the beginning. This phase is about testing, the concept, an MVP and the first setup. There may not yet be a finished product or there may be no customers or the first customers as references. Get experience on board.



We are working on product market fit. The right story and good content are needed to achieve initial reach, supporters and customers. As OVC, we support your start-up idea with our team and rock the launch.



Now it's a matter of scaling. The product is in its first version. The task is to gather customer feedback and implement the roadmap. Together, we put the company on the road to success.

Side by side as founder and partner

As a pre-seed funding company, we often get involved very early in the company's development. Our portfolio therefore consists of startup investments and our own ideas and startups. We want to build real, sustainable and solid companies.

In doing so, we specialize in building and marketing brands, technically setting up everything for an MVP and evaluating the individual results. With the feedback of the customers, the roadmap is developed and thus a product focused on the customer.

Digital business models are the focus of our projects. We develop blogs and websites, platforms and SaaS products.

We plan sustainably and do not see exit as the only goal. We want to build healthy growing businesses.

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We are always looking for new colleagues, pitchdecks and clients for our startups. Take a look around and get in touch with us.

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